Visual identity guidelines

Jamil, 14, a Rohingya refugee boy poses for a portrait in the playground on 11 June, 2023 at a Rohingya refugee camp in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh.

Visual guidelines

As an approved partner of the Children's Environmental Health Collaborative, your organization is allowed to use the Collaborative’s visual identity on products related to children’s environmental health issues. Permission to use and any questions related to the Collaborative icon should be sent to

Requests to use the icon should be submitted at the concept phase of product development. These products then should be submitted as a resource for the knowledge library.

The Collaborative’s visual identity should be used to advance children’s environmental health and does not represent individual partners or its founding members. 

Permission to use the Collaborative’s visual identity does not mean partners can use UNICEF’s or the founding partners’ logos, as well as other partners of the Collaborative. Partners will need to enter bilateral agreements in order to obtain permission to use institutional logos of partners on products.