How climate change is impacting the health of young people

On 19 January 2021, children stand in a flooded area of Kafr Losin Camp in northwest Syrian Arab Republic. Over the past few days, western Aleppo and Idlib governorates in the northwest of the country have been experiencing some of the heaviest winter storms so far this season. The heavy rainfall has flooded tents and cut off roads leading to camps for internally displaced families. While the damage continues to be assessed, there are reports of more than 1,700 households in the area have been affected.

Timing: 10:00 - 11:00 GST

Climate change is one of the greatest threats to human health. We also know that the impacts of climate will not be felt evenly and that children and youth are particularly vulnerable. This event will shed light on the challenges, but also on potential solutions. 

To attend, you must be registered for COP28 and have access to the Blue Zone.


Topics for discussion:

  • Maternal, newborn and child health: The segment will cover the unique vulnerabilities of children in relation to extreme heat, air pollution and changing patterns of diseases – and share the evidence related to the impact on children’s health. 
  • Adolescent health: This segment will shed light on the impact of climate change on adolescent health, including mental health. 
  • Climate change and its impact on the determinants of child and adolescent health: This segment will cover the impact of climate change on health-determining sectors that shape child and adolescent health including food and water insecurity. 
  • Actions to protect child and adolescent health from the impact of climate change: Connected to the broader climate and health agenda, this segment will cover the actions that must be prioritized to protect the health of children and youth.


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UNICEF Pavilion in the Blue Zone at COP28

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