Bhutan (Ministry of Health)

Partner type
Geographic area
South Asia

As a partner, the Department of Public Health in the Ministry of Public Health at Thimphu, Bhutan, is committed to protecting children from the impacts of climate change and environmental degradation.

As part of their contribution to the Collaborative, they are committed to the following activities:

  • Strengthen interventions in environmental health for children and adolescents, with a specific focus on lead poisoning.
  • Integrate children's environmental health into the pre-service curriculum of the Faculty of Nursing and Public Health.
  • Asses the environmental burden of diseases, with a focus on lead and other pollutants, as well as climate change risks.
  • Advocate and raise awareness for prioritizing children's environmental health to local governments, schools, institutions, communities, industries and relevant agencies.
  • Actively participate in conducting research on the specific impacts of climate change and environmental degradation on children's health in collaboration with Collaborative partners.