United States of America (EPA)

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Geographic area
North America

As a partner, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Office of Children’s Health Protection is committed to collaborating with partners to promote the protection of children from the impacts of climate change and environmental degradation. As a participant in the Collaborative, the U.S. EPA intends to collaborate on the following activities: 

  1. Prioritizing and elevating children’s environmental health in key forums, including through joint co-branded communications, particularly in relation to the President’s Task Force on Environmental Health and Safety Risks of Children and during Children’s Health Month activities occurring every year in October. 
  2. Contributing research on the specific impacts of climate change and environmental degradation on children’s health and sharing of such research results with the international community to inform actions, guidance, tools and best practices that will raise awareness and mitigate health risks to children. 
  3. Providing technical assistance, expertise and technical resources on children’s environmental health topics, as resources allow. 
  4. Participating in joint convenings and promoting approaches and partnerships that advance the protection of children’s environmental health.